It is important to understand the processes behind the creation of unique products. At Jnk Design Studio, we pride ourselves in having an experienced sub-team of two main designers who are responsible for designing these products. This team works together to ensure that each product meets our high standards and provides customers with quality designs that will last for years to come.

In addition to this design process, all research and development (R&D) work is done in the production process of these products as well. This includes testing various materials used in construction and ensuring durability so that customers can be confident when purchasing from us knowing their purchase will stand up against wear and tear over time without sacrificing aesthetics or functionality. We also make sure any potential health hazards associated with certain materials are eliminated during this step too so you can rest assured your safety always comes first at our company!

At every stage of production we strive for excellence; from concept through completion - no detail goes unnoticed by our dedicated team members who take great care when crafting each piece individually just for you! Our commitment towards providing superior quality items ensures your satisfaction every single time – something which has been proven by many satisfied clients throughout the years!


Jnk Furniture offer an expert team of architects and designers to help to achieve client's desired design for their living spaces, we help them find the perfect products from our collections or have custom-made items designed and produced according to their needs. With years of experience in interior design, we understand that each customer has unique requirements when it comes to creating a comfortable home environment. We believe that with our expertise, combined with your vision, you can create the perfect space for yourself or your family.

Our team is dedicated to providing personalized service tailored specifically towards each individual customer’s preferences and budget requirements. From fabric selection to furniture placement; from wall paint color choices all the way down even small details such as cabinet hardware finishes - no detail is too small! Our professional staff will work side by side with you throughout every step of this process so that together we can bring out the best possible outcome within your desired timeframe while also staying within budget constraints if necessary.

At Jnk Furniture, there are endless possibilities available for creating beautiful living spaces through collaboration between us and our customers! Whether it's selecting pieces from existing collections or designing something completely new – whatever it may be – know that working together allows us both access into achieving truly stunning results which will last for many years ahead.


Create an innovative and functional space, you need the right team of professionals who can provide all the necessary documents and design elements. Our professional architectural team is here to meet your needs with comprehensive services that go beyond your expectations.

Our experienced architects will work closely with you throughout the entire process in order to ensure that every detail is exactly as envisioned. We offer 3D rendering capabilities which allow for vivid visualization of what your finished project will look like before it even begins construction; this helps reduce costly mistakes due to miscommunication between parties involved in a project. Additionally, we provide technical drawing files so our clients can have accurate measurements and dimensions for their projects; this ensures accuracy when constructing any building or structure related element within a space . Finally, our financial account report provides detailed insight into how much each aspect of the project costs so budgets are managed efficiently from start-to-finish without having any surprises along way regarding cost overruns or delays due to lack of funds available at critical junctures during construction phases.

At Jnk Project, we strive hard every day to provide excellent service while delivering outstanding results for all types of customers’ needs. Whether it be residential, commercial, or industrial – no matter what type of architecture job may be - rest assured knowing that you'll receive only the best quality product possible from us!


Prepare your taste buds for an extraordinary culinary experience at J Brothers restaurant, where an exquisite array of global flavors awaits. Immerse yourself in a world of culinary excellence as our team of skilled chefs artfully crafts unique and tantalizing dishes that will leave a lasting impression on your palate. Stay tuned as we eagerly anticipate the grand opening of J Brothers restaurant, where the finest gastronomic delights will soon be unveiled exclusively for you.


Jnk Factory pleasure to inform you that the products designed by our professional team are of the highest quality. We take pride in ensuring that each product we produce meets your expectations and surpasses industry standards. From start to finish, we use only high-quality materials, craftsmanship, and meticulous attention to detail during production and packaging stages. Once these steps have been completed, a robust crate system is used for shipping purposes so as to ensure no damage occurs during transit.

At all stages of production and shipment processes you will be kept informed professionally throughout every step of progress made with your order until it reaches its final destination safely at your doorsteps without any problem or delays whatsoever. Our customer service team also stands ready should there be questions about the status or delivery timeframes associated with an order placed through us..

Finally rest assured knowing that before any product leaves our facility it goes through a rigorous quality control process which includes multiple tests on both physical characteristics such as weight distribution/load bearing capacity etc., so as make sure nothing gets shipped out unless deemed safe enough according customers’ specifications given when placing their orders initially . With this commitment towards excellence from us ,we hope you enjoy using products designed specifically for meeting your needs in terms of performance & reliability while keeping cost efficiency within reach!