Our Designers


Art Director

Denis Arger, an accomplished Art Director and Designer, has dedicated his entire adult life to the creation of exceptional items and projects. In his words, "The boundless world around us presents limitless opportunities for creativity and the realization of ideas. Alongside the JNK team, we stand prepared to tackle any ambitious undertaking. Continuously driven to push the boundaries, we are committed to consistently surprising you with novel advancements and innovative solutions. This is merely the beginning of an extraordinary journey..."



Rıdvan Aşık, a seasoned professional in the industry since 2018, brings a wealth of expertise as an Industrial Design Engineer from Gazi University. Excelling in every facet of the design process, he possesses a comprehensive command over the entire journey, starting from the initial sketch and culminating in the meticulous polishing of the final product. According to Rıdvan, "While art emanates from the depths of the heart, the design process demands unwavering discipline and precision." His unwavering commitment to marrying creativity with methodical execution ensures the seamless fusion of artistic expression and functional design in all his endeavors.