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JNK Project with Special Designs for Every Style

JNK Project co-founders Cem Ekmekci, Cenk Ekmekci and Umit Üstün, who stated that they are progressing according to the style of their customers in their projects and gave the good news of the future of three new collections, tell the secret of their success in the sector by talking about their design lines…


Jnk Project opened its new store in Tashkent.

Cem Ekmekci
Head of JNK Project :
The plans for the implementation of the showroom coincided with January 2021 . Repair work started in February. All elements of the showroom, including furniture, lamps, carpets and glasses were brought from Turkey . For three years, we have been working together with Uzbekistan on special order and housing projects. Based on these orders, we would produce products for Uzbek customers. That's why we decided to expand the network right here.



The JNK Project is signing another new project. With our constantly evolving and self-renewing mission, we became the main sponsor of the series at the end of the Night on STAR TV.
We can already predict that our furniture used in the series will attract the appreciation of its viewers and provide an enjoyable viewing experience.